Chennai Super Kings India’s Biggest Sports Franchise With 40.9 Million Sports Fans In India: Report

Chennai Super Kings had arisen as the greatest sports franchise in India with 40.9 Million fans and its dependable fan base of 22.5 Million individuals is practically equivalent to the whole fan base of the game of Football in India.

Media counseling firm Ormax Media announced the arrival of its research report on the games class, named We, The Sports Fans of India. The report is the result of consumer research conducted over the half-year time span from July to December 2021. The research is based on a sample size of 12,000 individuals across metropolitan and rural India.

91% of Indian Sports Fans Follow Cricket

The report pegs India’s avid fan base at 136.3 Million, or 13.63 Crore, individuals. A fan has been characterized as somebody who observed live games on TV or OTT somewhat recently for somewhere around 30 mins. as an active viewer.

Sports Fans By Sport (Image Credits: Ormax Media)

Cricket leads with 124.2 Million fans. Kabaddi, Wrestling (counting WWE), and Football are in a nearby challenge for the subsequent position, with 23-28 Million fans each. The report profiles these fans by gender, age, NCCS, pop strata, and states.

The report likewise takes a gander at the different Football associations and their fan following. Lionel Messi’s past team Barcelona FC tops the list with 3.9 million fans. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi highlight the list of the 10 most well-known sportspersons in India. The list incorporates seven cricketers and Badminton star PV Sindhu, other than the two Football geniuses.

Sports Fans Still Prefer TV Over Digital

In the part on survey conduct, the report checks out the TV versus Digital consumption of sports. While 44% of Indian avid supporters observe live games just on TV, a sizeable 36% are utilizing both conventional and computerized media to observe live games, while the excess 20% are observing solely on Digital.

The report additionally covers the favored analysis dialects in India, revealed by different geographies and demographics.

Sports Consumptio (Image Credits: Ormax Media)
Sports Consumption (Image Credits: Ormax Media)

Viewership Numbers Not Accurate Representation Of Fanbase

Speaking about the report, Shailesh Kapoor, Founder & CEO, of Ormax Media, said: “Viewership numbers, especially from television, are not an accurate representation of the fanbase of any sport, as India is predominantly a single-TV nation where a lot of sports viewing is passive in nature.

Through this report, we aim to fill in the need gap for reliable data on the size and the profile of the ‘real’ sports fans, who are actively watching and engaged with the sport. The report can provide useful material to sports leagues, teams and broadcasters for their brand and communication strategy initiatives “.

In a shrewd area named ‘Active Sports Players in India’, the report gauges that 317.8 Million (around 23% of India’s populace) Indians are playing outdoor sports effectively in their life presently. While Cricket, Football, and Badminton take up the top 3 most played sports in India, Volleyball and Kho also highlight themselves with 56 Million and 19 Million active players individually.

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