Cleethorpes golf club sinks plan for 25m 5G phone mast on green

Talks are under way to find a new site for a 25-meter-high phone mast which was planned for a golf club’s 10th green.

An initial plan to site the mast at Cleethorpes golf club was shelved after the club objected to it being on one of their greens. North East Lincolnshire Council planners are discussing options with the applicants who want to widen the availability of 5G in the borough.

Ward councilor for Haverstoe in Cleethorpes, Councilor Bill Parkinson, said the position of the 25m mast and the associated 12m control cabinet were in “a difficult place for golfers.” A spokesman for the club said members had rejected the proposal because it was on their 10th green.

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He said talks would continue to see if there is a more suitable location on the site off Kings Road. Representatives of Beacon Comms for MBNL, acting for EE UK, will be visiting the site again soon.

The applications said in a report to councilor: “As part of EE (UK) Ltd.’s and H3G (UK) Ltd’s continued network maintenance and improvement program they wish to secure a replacement site to ensure continuation of services due to the nearing redevelopment of the Pleasure Island Theme Park where the existing site needs to be removed to allow the proposal.

“Our clients also wish to take this opportunity to upgrade the existing technologies available to this densely used recreational area, soon to be regenerated and providing this with a modern, sympathetic design of a cypress tree mast proposal.”

A spokesman for the golf club said: “Uncertainty over the site meant they needed another site and approached us. They have taken our concerns on board because we did not want it on that location. It was slap bang on the 10th hole, so we are considering other areas. ”

In the report to council planners the club said: “The fenced off mast is in the area golf balls land so not only will the mast get regularly hit by golf balls but balls will land in the fenced off area which will affect competitions and scoring on the golf course.

“On Health and safety, there is no way the mast can be installed safely in that area without contractors being at risk of being hit by golf balls with it being so close to the 10th fairway. With balls likely landing within the fenced compound, despite all best efforts of signage, it is a near certainty some members will risk climbing the fence or even damage the fence to retrieve their golf balls. “

Proposed site of the 25m 5G mast at Cleethorpes golf club
Proposed site of the 25m 5G mast at Cleethorpes golf club

“This could result in a serious injury the committee felt and the location of said mast to the playing course would deem to be an influencing factor in any injury.”

The cypress tree disguise has been used in other locations around the country to minimize the impact of the metallic mast on the landscape.

The new style of mast is part of a national rollout of the latest network of 5G (fifth generation) aiming to improve connections between mobile phone users and their networks. 5G works on a higher radio frequency.

The higher the frequency of the spectrum means it travels shorter distances. So more masts are having to be erected around the country to fill in the gaps.

Many of the existing masts for 3G and 4G can be upgraded but more masts will be needed so people using mobile phones can send and receive data. Councilors will assess the application later this year.


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