‘Ben Simmons is walking around practice like he’s Michael Jordan’: NBA insider reveals that Nets star has a GOAT like swagger about him ahead of potential return

Ben Simmons has never been at and will never be at the level Michael Jordan ever was, but as he eyes a return, he may just be feeling like the NBA GOAT.

Simmons is a former number one overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers, and he was instrumental in helping revive that franchise alongside co-star Joel Embiid.

He won Rookie of the Year, and with Embiid, he looked to be forming one of the NBA’s most dynamic duos for years to come. The 76ers would reach the playoffs, finish as the # 1 seed in the conference, and so much more in Simmons’ tenure there, but the lack of a championship (even an appearance) lingered like a dark cloud above both Embiid and Simmons.

Simmons’ lack of shooting seemed to bite the 76ers when they most needed it as teams would simply lay off the guard on the perimeter, choosing to double Embiid instead.

Those issues were put on the spotlight in last year’s playoffs when a series of miscues by Simmons cost the 76ers a series against the underdog Atlanta Hawks.

The team, including head coach Doc Rivers, did not show Simmons much support, and as a result, frustrations boiled to the point where Simmons refused to play this season under the 76ers. He was eventually traded to the Nets for James Harden where he waits to make his debut.

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Ben Simmons has a new attitude around him during Nets practice

While the Nets are gearing up for a play-in game against the Cavs today, the focus is on something much better. The Nets know that when they’re healthy, they can be perhaps the best team in the league, and so everyone (including themselves) is expecting a deeper run from them.

If that’s the case, there is a chance we could see Ben Simmons make his Nets debut in the playoffs, sometime potentially in the first round, or if the Nets make it past the first round, the second.

Simmons has been a regular in Nets practices, and apparently, his whole attitude has changed. He’s walking around practice like he has something bigger to prove.

It’s incredible to see Simmons regaining his confidence after the turbulent year he’s had with the 76ers, and it’ll be even more exciting if he returns for the playoffs. Having a Michael Jordan like swagger may be a bit too much, especially for a player who’s never quite reached those levels, but if it works for him, that’s all that matters.

Of course, we still need to see Simmons on the court. If his previous issues di lui resurface, then there will be no excuse for him. Simmons needs to make a dedicated effort to work on his shooting if he wants to make a significant impact on any team he plays on.

His size at his position gives him a significant advantage, but there’s only so far that size can take you, as demonstrated repeatedly.

We have no idea how well he’ll gel on the Nets, but he offers great defensive potential as well as a reliable playmaking option. For now though, it’s still a waiting game with him.

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