Pacers assistant coach Jenny Boucek is single mother, NBA trailblazer

Before she was blazing her own trail as a WNBA player, then coach, then NBA assistant and single mother, the plan was to be a doctor. That’s how it went into Jenny Boucek’s family of hers. Her fraternal grandfather of hers, Dr. Mark Boucek, was involved in the world’s first baboon-to-baby heart transplant. Her maternal grandfather of hers, Dr. Roberth Heath, founded Tulane University’s department of psychiatry and neurology. Her father di lei is a doctor. Her mother di lei is a psychologist.

There was some pressure to follow in her family’s footsteps.

“That was the unspoken assumption, even for my own self,” she told CBS in Jan. 2019.

But Boucek wouldn’t settle for the expected. So she made her own path.

She’s played overseas. She’s been a WNBA head coach and an NBA assistant, first with the Kings, then the Mavericks and now the Pacers. She risked her coaching career to pursue the dream of being a mother. There’s no telling what’s next for her. But whatever the next chapter brings, she knows her purpose di lei. And that purpose transcends basketball.

“Life is about taking what you’re given and figuring out how you make the world a better place with that, doing your small part to try to make every situation better for people around you,” she said. “It’s about helping people. I thought that was going to come through medicine. I was very excited about that. But my passion for the game of basketball just has continued to grow. I learned very early on through my playing experience that it’s a platform to learn every life principle, and now as a coach to continue to learn life principles as well as teach life principles. The holistic growth process in my own life and in the people’s life around me is really motivating to me. “

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