Green Bay Packers 2022 NFL Draft Grade Roundup

The 2022 NFL Draft is now complete, and the Green Bay Packers ended up making 11 selections over the course of the three days. Our next step is to begin taking a closer look at each of these 11 prospects, but first, we are going to take a look at what grades the Packers received for their draft class–so turn away if you’re squeamish.

Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of grades–which is why I don’t hand out my own. Really what these grades are evaluating are whether or not a team addressed some of their biggest positional needs and if where they selected each prospect aligned with where the draft community thought that player should be taken. In no way can we evaluate at this time whether a prospect is going to be a good NFL football player–in fact, we won’t know that for a few seasons, at least.

However, grades can help provide us with a pulse on what those not connected to the Green Bay Packers think about their selections. While I won’t provide a letter grade, I will say that I thought Brian Gutekunst and Co. absolutely nailed this draft, even if they didn’t get that first-round receiver.

They tackled their biggest needs, they found tremendous value on Day 3 of the draft, and several of these prospects should be able to come in and make an impact immediately. We also saw a few additions who could provide the special teams unit with a boost as well.

If there is one knock on this draft, it likely comes down to how you feel about Christian Watson and whether or not you think it was worth trading away both second-round picks to move up and get him. I have no issue with this–for one, his upside is massive, and in the short-term, he can fill some very specific and needed roles as the vertical threat, gadget player, and kick returner.

Also, I’m a firm believer that if a team has their guy, they should do what they can — within reason — to move up and get him. Don’t wait around hoping he falls. If you believe in him that much, make the trade, which is what Gutey did–and I can get behind that approach.

So now that you have my thoughts on all of this, let’s see how these draft analysts feel about the Green Bay Packers selections.

Nate Davis – USA Today: C+

Ultimately, Nate doesn’t believe that the Green Bay Packers did enough to help Aaron Rodgers and mitigate the loss of Davante Adams. To that I say, they were never going to replace Adams and with how quickly the top-4 receivers came off the board, I’m not sure there was much of an opportunity for Green Bay to move up–remember, it takes two teams to pull off a trade.

Mel Kiper Jr – ESPN: B

In short, Kiper liked the Green Bay Packers Day 3 picks, and below he sums up why they ended up with a B as their grade:

“The Watson pick saves Green Bay from a C draft, and if Wyatt becomes an eight-sack-a-season guy, this group could be much better. I just don’t love Walker as much as the team’s scouts do.”

Doug Farrar & Mark Schofield – Touchdown Wire: A

Doug and Mark really like what the Green Bay Packers did on the defensive side of the ball, specifically, adding Quay Walker, Devonte Wyatt, and Kingsley Enagbare:

“If those three prospects ascend to their potential in 2022, the Packers might challenge for the title of the NFL’s most balanced team.”

They also add that Watson could be a “home run” pick, while Doubs adds another big-play threat to this offense.

James Dator – SB Nation: D

While James acknowledges that he likes how Day 3 turned out for the Packers as well as the move up for Christian Watson, he was not a fan of either first-round selection, which in the end, is why he gave Green Bay a d

Chad Reuter – A

Reuter gave the Green Bay Packers an a for each day of the draft. With receivers going early, bolstering the front-seven as they did make a lot of sense given how the board fell. Green Bay also adds three receivers, three offensive linemen — which was needed at both positions — and found some very good Day 3 value in Tom, Enagbare, and Walker.

Pro Football Focus: B+

Overall, in terms of value, the positions they addressed, and the impact those players can have, PFF thought that the Green Bay Packers had a solid, well-put-together draft class.

Connor Orr – Sports Illustrated: A

I thought this paragraph from Connor was great:

“It befuddles me that we depict Aaron Rodgers as this Wizard of Oz-ian character sitting behind the curtain bellowing about the team’s lack of wide receiver talent. Rodgers has been incredibly blessed throughout his career to work with a bevy of talented wideouts supplied to him by the Packers’ front office. Their process has expertly identified high-upside players in the second round and beyond. So when Green Bay took their Davante Adams haul and used it toward patching up the defense, why would he be upset?”

Pro Football Network: B

I think PFN summed up the Packers draft class pretty well, this draft likely didn’t play out how many thought it would, but Green Bay addressed the receiver position and added some talented players through all seven rounds.

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