One Perfect Colts’ Fit ​​at Each Offensive Position in the 2022 NFL Draft

We hear the same slang used every year around draft time. “This player is a Chris Ballard-type of guy” or “This player just feels like a pick that the Indianapolis Colts would make.”

While this is likely said about far too many players each draft cycle, we do know enough about this front office to circle players that fit a particular mold that the team looks for. You all can read back on my Build-A-Ballard series for more specifics, but GM Chris Ballard certainly has his types in the draft.

The Colts have traditionally valued explosive athletes in Ballard’s tenure. They place a premium on senior players, especially players that appeared in the Reese’s Senior Bowl. The team typically seeks out high-upside players that are well-built for the position they play (eg. receivers that are over 6’0″ and 200 pounds).

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