Letters to the Editor – Gun violence, abortion, Ukraine, Russian hockey players, District 14

A stark reminder

The violence that occurred in the New York subway on Tuesday is a stark reminder that over 45,000 Americans died of gunshot wounds in 2020. Until this country comes to grips with the absurdity of the Second Amendment and the senseless stockpiling of guns, death by gunfire statisticians will be assured of job security in the foreseeable future. That is, of course, assuming this nation still has a future.

Bob Ory, Elgin, Ill.

Thinking ahead, or not

Re: “Oklahoma governor signs near-total ban — Challenges expected as he moves to be ‘most pro-life state’,” Wednesday news story.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signs the anti-abortion bill, claiming that it makes Oklahoma the most “pro-life” state in the union. It will go into effect in August. That should give the Oklahoma Legislature time to figure out how it will pay for the additional prenatal, birth and support costs for those additional citizens since, in many cases, the families involved won’t have the funds to cover those costs themselves.

New life has been protected. Now all that needs to be considered is liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those issues were not covered in our Texas anti-abortion law, either.

Ray JohnstonHeath

Law is still wrong

Re: “DA to dismiss abortion charges against woman — She is facing murder indictment after arrest in Rio Grande Valley,” Monday news story.

The story of a district attorney dismissing abortion charges against a woman is one that will be excessively repeated until Texas’ new abortion restrictions are repeated. Women have had abortions for as long as they have become pregnant, and this new law is not going to stop that. Instead, it’s going to negatively affect women of color, especially those of lower income who don’t have access to out-of-state care.

Even though charges against Lizelle Herrera are being dropped, the damage has already been done. How many women will have to go through this same smear campaign before this law is repealed? Just because something is legal does not mean that it’s right. As if abortions weren’t taxing enough on a woman, she now has to deal with the law prosecuting her for exercising autonomy over her own body.

Natalie Oropeza, Aubrey

Not your finest moment, guys

This letter is for my senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

I have been a resident of Texas for 50 years. In the many years I have lived here, there have been many occasions when I have been frustrated and sometimes angry with our Texas politics. I have, however, never been as embarrassed as I was last week when the men who represent Texas in our US Senate walked out as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court of our country.

In addition to being disrespectful of the newly confirmed justice and the confirmation process, it was disgraceful and the reaction one would expect from a child who did not get his way. Definitely not from a US senator representing Texas.

Deborah Snider, Dallas/Lake Highlands

What will it take?

Does the Biden administration have any redlines concerning Ukraine? The Russians invaded without provocation, have murdered thousands of civilians, kidnapped thousands of civilians, raped children and senior citizens and destroyed billions of dollars of infrastructure. It seems to this American that enough lines have been crossed for the United States to do something besides sanctions.

Tim McCordWylie

Being awful quiet

There are 40-plus players from Russia playing for teams in the National Hockey League. To this date, only a handful of them have spoken out against Vladimir Putin or Russian involvement in the Ukraine war. Does that mean they are on Putin’s side, or do they have families inside Russia and are afraid to speak out?

I say as long as Putin is killing innocent women and children on a daily basis, the family excuse is no longer valid. We have Alexander Radulov and Denis Gurianov in Dallas. Before I turn on the TV or go to a Stars game, I want to know where they stand. If they are pro-Putin, then I am anti-Dallas Stars as long as they are allowed to play.

I wrote to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman about this issue and asked him and the league to take a stand. Putin is a big hockey fan and a close friend of Alexander Ovechkin. It’s not enough for these players to simply say no war is good. They need to take a stand and all hockey fans deserve to know what their position might be.

Allan Peterson, Dallas/Uptown

Leave District 14 alone

Being vested residents of Dallas City Council District 14 since 1974, my family has enjoyed the unique neighborhoods of Oak Lawn, Lowest Greenville and Hollywood/Santa Monica. I served on the Old East Dallas Renaissance Coalition to secure city services, code enforcement, preservation and zoning that ensured a stellar quality of life for us urban pioneers.

I understand the need to tweak our council districts to balance them for diversity and population growth, but there is absolutely no reason to radically carve up District 14. It already has great diversity within our district that stretches from East Dallas to Oak Lawn, through Uptown , the Arts District and downtown.

We have cultural identity from these established areas and strong neighborhood cohesion as a result of shared issues facing inner city districts.

District 14 is an urban district that offers an environment unlike other parts of the city. We value and identify with our diversity and are united in our desire to stay intact. Splitting up District 14 and other districts throughout the city will create havoc on all our communities and break up stable neighborhoods, cultural assets and our unified voice at City Hall.

Ed Zahra, Dallas

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