Mailbag #18: Marching Down The Stretch

RALEIGH, NC. – Another Saturday, another mailbag after a victory.

last night was a special comeback, especially after how things looked at the end of 20 minutes.

That was a resilient win against a very good team, one that gets the team right back on track after back-to-back losses.

As we now march into the new calendar month and into the homestretch, let’s get to this week’s questions.

(Please note, some questions have been edited for clarity.)

Any updates on Tony DeAngelo? – @kniftyknitter2

Nope. Rod was asked about this on Thursday morning. He said Tony and Brendan Smith continued to work while the team was on the road and that was about it.

Keep in mind, the prognosis was always “about a month” from February 24. I would not be alarmed unless we get into April and haven’t seen him yet. I’m sure we’ll get more updates as we get closer though.

Do the Canes make a move at the deadline? – @macbogger1

Your guess is as good as mine, but we have seen the team make moves at the deadline in previous years.

There’ve been major moves like acquiring Brady Skhei and Vincent Trocheckand then there have been depth moves, like the acquisition of Jani Hakanpaa.

I’m excited to see what transpires leading up to Monday, March 21.

While Necas does not score for a stretch is a thing, so is the penalty parade the boys keep marching in. It’s no surprise that the Canes penalty kills is #1 with the reps they’re getting. Gotta ask, what can be done to see less time in the box for our squad? – @yyzman

It’s just discipline. The team knows that their lack of it is only going to land them in more and more hot water as the season progresses into the playoffs. They know it’s the teams with good special teams that make it into the playoffs.

Even when it’s not, for example, Washington, who entered Thursday’s meeting with the 27th ranked power play, they made the Canes pay with two goals on the man advantage.

Heck, I think Pittsburgh is probably feeling like they learned a valuable lesson in discipline last night, right? Kris Letang has been one of the best defenders in the league for years but he taking an undisciplined penalty in overtime cost his team the game.

Any chance we’re going to get a new Stadium Series jersey for next year? Would love to see a jersey combo between the Whalers and Hurricanes with it being our 25th year or something like that. – @BarronSean

There will indeed be some new Canes sweaters for the Stadium Series.

Don Waddell told me when it was announced that the team was officially getting the game in February that they were being worked on, but he didn’t have a timeframe. He said that the team had a pretty good idea of ​​what they were going to do, conceptually.

Even I am curious to see WHEN the sweaters get revealed. Buffalo and Toronto, playing in the Heritage Classic game next weekend, only officially revealed their sweaters about a month ago.

Do you think the NHL-CHL agreement should be scrapped so younger players can play in the AHL? – @CaniacIntubator

I don’t know if scrapped is the correct word, but at least amended to some extent. Look at the situation involving Seth Jarvis this season.

Having worked in the league, I’m a big proponent of the American Hockey League. There’s nothing that gets players ready for the NHL like it. Players get to play on the same size ice, have the ability to work with staffs that often have NHL experience and are also able to learn from veteran players that have experience in the league, too. Seth had no business going back to the Western Hockey League this season and playing against lineups with 15 or 16-year-old players in it. Thankfully he has an incredible attitude and is battling through it, but he’s also kind of hit a difficult stretch now in his first season up top. That’s completely natural and just an adjustment to playing 82 games.

While him making the team has been one of the best stories of the seasonI also wonder if he would have at least started the season in Chicago, had it have been an option.

That’s all for this week, folks. Thanks to everyone who took the time to ask a question, as always, and thanks to everyone for reading. Enjoy your Saturday and I hope to see you at PNC Arena tomorrow!

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