Columbia Athletics Celebrates Class of 2022

NEW YORK—Columbia University and Columbia Athletics celebrated the commencement of its 268th academic year on Wednesday morning with its first on-campus graduation ceremony in two years. A total of 178 Columbia student-athletes are graduating this week.

“This group is truly remarkable in how they have represented Columbia Athletics, both in the classroom, and in the community,” Campbell Family Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education peter pilling said. “They have overcome tremendous challenges in the past three years in how they navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. We couldn’t be prouder of them. On behalf of our coaches, administrators, and support staff, congratulations to the Class of 2022!”

Due to individual circumstances, several of these student-athletes could return to compete for Columbia Athletics in the 2022-23 academic year.

Name, Sport, College

Ishara Abbey, Women’s Rowing, CC
Daniel Addison, Men’s Track & Field, SEAS
Paul Akere, Football, CC
Yekaterina Alferova, Women’s Tennis, SEAS
Will AllenFootball CC
Lauren Apollaro, Softball, CC
Oliver Babb, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, CC
Pedro Barbosa Teixeira Santos, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, CC
Patrick Bayeux, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Sydney Bertschy, Women’s Track & Field, CC
Akanksha Bhan, Women’s Tennis, CC
Sylvie Binder, Women’s Fencing, CC
Brian Bonino, Wrestling, CC
Valentina Bos, Women’s Fencing, CC
James Bourtis, Men’s Fencing, CC
Jesse Braun, Men’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Cameron BrownFootball CC
Sofia Camacho, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, BC
Cameron Carter, Football, CC
Jonathan Cheng, Men’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Inho Choi, Football, CC
Luke Ciarelli, Men’s Track & Field, SEAS
Josef Cohen, Men’s Fencing, CC
Jordan Colbert, Football, CC
Isabella Collins, Women’s Field Hockey, CC
Meghan Collins, Archery, CC
Owen Cordaro, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, CC
Daniel Core, Men’s Golf, CC
Katie Coritz, Women’s Soccer, CC
Casidy Cunningham, Women’s Track & Field, CC
Cameron DillonFootballSEAS
Emma Domich, Women’s Field Hockey, SEAS
Robert Doyle, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, CC
Katherine Duff, Women’s Rowing, BC
Rychael Ellis, Men’s Basketball, CC
Jackson England, Men’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Maya Esberg, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, BC
Graham Flinn, Football, CC
Alexis Florio, Women’s Golf, CC
John Foreback, Football, CC
Joe Franzese, Wrestling, SEAS
Brooke Gasser, Women’s Field Hockey, CC
Clara Geffs, Women’s Rowing, CC
Justin Ghaeli, Men’s Squash, CC
Spencer Good, Wrestling, SEAS
Rachel Graff, Women’s Lacrosse, CC
Isabel Guerrero, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, CC
Albert Gwo, Men’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Callan Hall, Men’s Squash, SEAS
Ryan Hardenbrook, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, CC
Nicole Harr, Women’s Rowing, SEAS
John HarrisFootballSEAS
Devin HartFootballSEAS
Charlotte Hartman, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Kali Hatcher, Women’s Track & Field, CC
Brandon Hicks, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Sean Higgins, Baseball, CC
Brianna Hodges, Women’s Track & Field, CC
Austen Huang, Men’s Tennis, CC
Marquis Hubbard, Football, CC
Nico Hughes, Men’s Squash, CC
Ian Irish, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field, SEAS
Peyton Jones, Women’s Track & Field, DC
Amanda Jordan, Women’s Field Hockey, CC
Emerson Kabus, Football, CC
Aditya Kankariya, Men’s Squash, SEAS
Kasey Karkoska, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Linnaea Kavulich, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Kevin Kearney, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, SEAS
Katherine Kelly, Women’s Lacrosse, CC
Neil Kennedy, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, SEAS
Rachel Kenny, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Jennifer Kerr, Women’s Tennis, CC
Ashley Kim, Women’s Rowing, CC
Jonas Kistorp, Men’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Sidarth Kumbla, Men’s Fencing, CC
Isabella Lamus, Women’s Volleyball, CC
Dante Landolfi, Football, CC
Clare Larsen, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Yanran Le, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Madison Leblanc, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Derric Lee, Football, CC
Kayla Lee, Women’s Soccer, CC
Michelle Lee, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Tyler Lenhart, Football, CC
Joseph Licht, Men’s Swimming & Diving, SEAS
Payton Lill, Women’s Lacrosse, CC
Chaewoon Lim, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Claire Lin, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Jack Lin, Men’s Fencing, CC
Yuhan Liu, Men’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Evan Loesel, Football, CC
Katherine Lutz, Women’s Lacrosse, CC
Tyler Macgregor, Baseball, CC
Emily Maclean, Women’s Field Hockey, CC
Julian Maldonado, Men’s Fencing, CC
Colete Marciano, Women’s Soccer, CC
Casey Mariucci, Football, CC
Mikayla Markham, Women’s Basketball, CC
Benjamin Mathiasmeier, Football, CC
Saajan May, Baseball, SEAS
Jaimie McCormick, Women’s Field Hockey, CC
Tucker McMullen, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, CC
Cedric Mecke, Men’s Fencing, CC
Lewis Menendez, Baseball, DC
Dante MillerFootball CC
Ben Milstein, Men’s Basketball, CC
Hailey Montgomery, Women’s Track & Field, CC
Drake Morey, Football, CC
Austin Mowrey, Baseball, DC
Ikechukwu Nweke, Men’s Basketball, DC
Simon Osak, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, SEAS
Alana Palomino, Women’s Field Hockey, BC
Sydney Paoletti, Women’s Lacrosse, CC
Christopher Park, Football, CC
Vishan Patel, Men’s Squash, SEAS
Jacob Phelps, Baseball, DC
Kenyata Plenty, Women’s Fencing, SEAS
Carson Powell, Football, CC
Mary Pruden, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Henry Quinn Pasin, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, CC
Brandon Radice, Football, CC
Ryan RhodenFootball CC
Lindsay Rispoli, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Michael Ritter, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, CC
Alexandra Rodman, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Brighida Rosendahl, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Michael RoussosFootballSEAS
Melissa Sakar, Women’s Tennis, CC
Delaney Sanacore, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Amelia Scalamandre, Women’s Soccer, CC
Jessica Schildkraut, Women’s Soccer, CC
Ryan Schlageter, Women’s Lacrosse, DC
Andrew Schmid, Football, CC
Hayden Schott, Baseball, CC
Sydni Scott, Women’s Track & Field, CC
Harrison Scudamore, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Velavan Senthilkumar, Men’s Squash, CC
Tteja Senthilnathan, Women’s Rowing, CC
Michelle Seung, Archery, CC
Pranjali Sharma, Women’s Squash, SEAS
Ben Sherwin, Men’s Fencing, CC
Mitchell Shinskie, Football, CC
Allison Smith, Women’s Field Hockey, DC
Joshua Smythe-Macaulay, Football, CC
Joshua Solomon, Baseball, SEAS
Iain Southerland, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, CC
Shari Stenglein, Women’s Volleyball, CC
Andrew Stevens, Men’s Soccer, CC
Abigail Stuart, Softball, DC
Mitchell Sturgill, Football, CC
Caitlin Sullivan, Women’s Tennis, CC
Brian Szeto, Men’s Fencing, CC
Watson Tansil, Football, CC
Marlene Tartaro, Women’s Golf, CC
Broderick Taylor Football, DC
Emily Teehan, Women’s Volleyball, CC
Xavier Thibault, Football, CC
William Todd, Men’s Soccer, CC
Mallaika Tomar, Women’s Soccer, SEAS
Anika Tsapatsaris, Women’s Fencing, CC
Talia Tyler, Women’s Soccer, CC
Emily Virtue, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
Jafar Vohra, Baseball, SEAS
David Vorbach, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field, CC
David Wang, Men’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Emily Wang, Women’s Swimming & Diving, CC
Jennifer Wang, Women’s Golf, CC
Savannah Ward, Archery, CC
Clay Watson, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing, CC
Sam Webster, Wrestling, DC
Blake Willis, Men’s Soccer, CC
Justin WoodleyFootball, DC
Tyler Worrell, Football, CC
James Wyatt, Men’s Squash, CC
Caroline Yu, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, BC
Alexandros Zisimidis, Men’s Lightweight Rowing, SEAS

Note: some of these graduates will return to compete for Columbia next year

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