Northern Michigan FC soccer program coming to Petoskey Field House

PETOSKEY—Talented players can come from anywhere.

But in order to be the best, you’ve got to put in the training to get there and then put yourself in front of others at that same high level, with the same kind of goals.

That can be somewhat of a challenge around Northern Michigan for those pursuing greatness in athletics.

Many often travel well outside the area to compete on travel teams and train in programs focused on building athletic talent.

Kyle Liebermann

Kyle Lieberman, co-owner of the Petoskey Field House and director of Northern Michigan Elite Soccer, wants to change that and he believes his newly founded Northern Michigan Football Club can help open a lot of doors for those pursuing excellence in soccer.

“I’ve always had this passion for Northern Michigan athletes to expect the same opportunities as everybody else,” said Lieberman. “I want to eliminate any sort of notion that because we’re up here, we’re at some sort of a disadvantage. So what we’re trying to do now with this NMFC is create a platform that brings Northern Michigan athletes on par with the rest of the state. It gives us the same chance to compete with the best of them.”

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