The Main Differences Between Soccer And Football

While they’re often referred to as football, consumers should understand that there are key differences between soccer and football. The two sports are dramatically different. It is important to learn more about both. Otherwise, you won’t fully understand the rules. Which sport is right for you? Would you prefer to watch soccer or football? To find out, you should learn more about the two sports. Just remember that football is a term regularly used to describe both sports in America.


First, you should learn more about the popularity of both. Which one is the most popular? Typically, people in the United States believe that American football is the most popular. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, American football is primarily popular in America. It is the most popular sport in the country. As for soccer, the sport is popular around the world. It is one of the most popular sports in India, China, Britain, Turkey, Germany, and elsewhere.

When comparing the fan bases, you will find that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Its fanbase easily dwarfs that of football. Regardless, most Americans do not see it that way. While American football is popular in the state, soccer isn’t.

Different Ball

When you watch these sports, you’ll immediately notice that the ball is different. A soccer ball is perfectly round. It is kicked by the player most of the time. As for American football, the ball is shaped like an egg. The thing to remember is that American football players can carry the ball. They must protect the ball during the play to ensure they do not drop it. If they do, the other team will get to switch to offense.

American footballs tend to be brown while soccer balls are white and black. Once you’ve seen both, you’ll have no trouble determining which is which.

The Hits

When you begin watching American football, you’ll notice that the game is played much differently. Again, the player tries to hold onto the ball when running it. The quarterback can also pass the ball to one of his teammates. The defense will try to stop the player with the ball to prevent them from gaining more yards. They can do this using numerous techniques including hitting their opponent. While there are numerous rules making the game safe, the defensive player can tackle the offensive player.

In soccer, this would be a penalty. Many people like watching American football because of the hard hits. However, it has led to controversy in the past few years due to head trauma. When many Americans aren’t watching football, they’re playing สล็อตโรม่า.

Ball Movement

Numerous things set the two sports apart. One of the most notable is the way the ball is moved. An American football player primarily carries the ball. A running back can carry the ball through the defensive line in hopes of getting as many yards as possible. As for soccer, the ball cannot be carried. Instead, soccer players move the ball by kicking it. They can also use their heads and bodies to move the ball around. Soccer players have perfected the art of moving the ball using their feet instead of their hands.


Football and soccer have goals. However, they’re dramatically different. If you’re playing football, it is your job to score a touchdown. You’ll do this by carrying the ball into the endzone. A touchdown is worth six points. Then, you’ll have the chance to make a field goal or you can go for two points. Most teams use field goals that give them an additional point. 2-point conversions are used strategically. In addition to this, the team can kick a field goal instead of getting a touchdown.

A touchdown will give the team three points. Soccer always has lower scores because each goal is worth one point. To score a goal, the soccer player will need to kick the ball into the goal. It is harder because the goalie can block the ball to prevent the player from scoring.


Many differences set football apart from soccer. Both sports can be fun to watch. Therefore, it is a good idea for fans to watch both. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know which you like best. Of course, you can always watch both.

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