5 biggest Super Bowl pretenders from AFC in 2022 NFL season

The AFC has been the top-loaded conference in the NFL for the past decade and more. But it’s the NFC that has been bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy home the past two seasons.

With that said, the AFC has seen some fantastic multiple-title runs. Tom Brady’s New England Patriots won three titles in a five-year stretch, while Ben Roethlisberger’s Pittsburgh Steelers won two. Peyton Manning’s wins in Indianapolis and Denver have also come in the past 15 years.

Overall, the score since 2007 is an even 8-8 for both conferences.

Could 2022 be a pendulum swing of championship silverware back to the AFC? With Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and even an improved Mac Jones under Bill Belichick in the conference, there is certainly hope that it could be their year.

However, the title return to the AFC should be unlikely to be thanks to the exploits of these five teams.

5 biggest Super Bowl pretenders from the AFC in the upcoming 2022 NFL season

# 5 Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa needs to stay on the field to prove this prediction for the Miami Dolphins to be false

The Dolphins have isolated the variable. They’ve given Tua enough talent around him so that barring injury, if he doesn’t take a step, they’ll know it wasn’t the surrounding players.The Jets have done the same with Zach Wilson.Have the Patriots done so with Mac?

Tyreek Hill’s addition to a WR room featuring the 2020 NFL Draft’s top receiver off the board in Jaylen Waddle is certainly impressive. However, it doesn’t solve the issue of Bridgewater’s minimal air-yard output.

The Dolphins could be talented enough to sneak into the postseason regardless of who is under center. But a fully healthy Tagovailoa is the only entity that could make Miami a contender in 2022.

# 4 Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are no longer  1 seed material and are pretenders in the AFC

This AJ Brown and Robert Woods duo is going to be a problem https://t.co/sziWcHqS5Y

Henry could still enjoy the best-case scenario of having a comeback season for the ages and prov to be this generation’s version of Adrian Peterson. While that is possible, the unsettling QB situation in Tennessee is one that could ultimately put a cap on their championship potential in 2022.

# 3 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to take a step back in the post-Big Ben eraThe Cleveland Browns were obnoxious money-spenders this offseason but may not really pull down many treesDerek Carr may not have enough OL support on the Las Vegas Roster for them to be legitimately threatening in the AFC

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Carr is 57-70 in his career, while Cousins ​​is 59-59-2. The latter also has superior passing numbers across the board. Where Carr gets the benefit of the doubt is his lackluster offensive line, but that’s just his own merits as a QB. The Raiders offense, including RBs Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, and rookie Zamir White out of Georgia, are also at the mercy of their poor protection.

Las Vegas as a whole will be hamstrung by their OL’s inability to stop big plays from opposing defenses. A potential step forward in regular-season wins will not help them avoid an inevitable 0-1 AFC playoff record next January should they even get that far.

Q. Will any of these teams make the Super Bowl next February?

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