5 biggest Super Bowl pretenders from NFC in 2022 NFL season

The 2022 NFL season is quickly approaching as minicamps begin to open and teams are officially preparing for the upcoming year. Rosters are being finalized and expectations are being set for each team, with the ultimate goal for most of them being to win the Super Bowl.

A fresh league year means new opportunities for all teams, as a clean slate and even standings level the playing field. Every team, technically, has a chance to win it all in the new season. But realistically, it would take a miracle for some of them.

The NFC was extremely competitive last year and looks set to be about the same during the 2022 NFL season. Many teams believe they can make a run at the Lombardi Trophy, but some of them are more pretenders than contenders.

Here are five NFC teams within the top 10, according to current betting odds of winning the Super Bowl, who are the biggest pretenders this year.

# 5 – Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins

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While the Vikings have one of the most talented offensive rosters, they ranked just 14th in points scored during the 2021 NFL season. Their defense was even worse, allowing the ninth-most points. They didn’t do much to improve their roster during the offseason, making it hard to imagine them taking a big step forward this year.

# 4 – Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders defensive end Chase Young

You only need two plays to sum up Carson Wentz, QB https://t.co/YlpyCv9KGI

The Commanders achieved their goal of upgrading their quarterback, but most likely didn’t make a big enough improvement for them to take the next step forward.

Carson Wentz was unable to lead the Indianapolis Colts to the NFL Playoffs last year, despite only needing a win against the last-placed Jacksonville Jaguars to do so.

# 3 – Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray

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Unless Kingsbury and Murray can figure out how to offset the trend, the Cardinals are likely to be in for more disappointment in the future. The Cardinals also play in the NFC West division, one of the most difficult in the divisions in the NFL, which further complicates their chances during the 2022 NFL season.

# 2 – Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts

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The Philadelphia Eagles made it to the playoffs last season and added superstar wide receiver AJ Brown via trade during the 2022 NFL offseason, so, they should be trending up towards legitimate contenders.

The problem is that unless Hurts significantly improves as a passer, their ceiling is relatively limited, even with the addition of Brown, making them pretenders.

# 1 – Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

#Packers Aaron Rodgers loves Davante Adams like a brother and wishes him well with the #Raiders: “Absolutely zero animosity, nothing but love for him.” https://t.co/UDl0lk7Xph

Things won’t be any easier for Rodgers and the Packers this year after trading away superstar wide receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders. They lost one of their best players and failed to add much talent during the offseason, setting the Packers up for more disappointment in 2022.

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