Is Al Davis’ former “land of opportunity” still the kind of place for a Colin Kaepernick resurrection?

Whether Colin Kaepernick signs with the Las Vegas Raiders or not, he is, at the very least, the second best quarterback who will throw a pass for their new coaching staff this season. That would matter to Al Davis, the man who transformed the one-time American Football League doormats into one of the most feared and flamboyant NFL franchises in football history, but Davis died 11 years ago and while his legacy and aura live on in Las Vegas his way of doing business may not.

Kaepernick was exiled from the league six years ago for taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice and has had only one brief dalliance with the NFL since, a momentary discussion with the Seattle Seahawks which led nowhere. That experience plus his early career successes make him the classic Al Davis reclamation project – a previously productive pro who has fallen out of disfavor with his franchise or, in this case, the entire league but may have a lot left in the tank.


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