NFL Power Rankings Based on Super Bowl Odds (Rams’ Spending Spree Won’t Stop)

The defending champion Los Angeles Rams deserve a ton of love. The team not only is running things back after winning the Super Bowl, but the Rams made sure that Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp got paid as well.

Good organizations remain good. It’s pretty simple. So, did that move the Rams in this week’s Power Rankings? You bet it did.

Each week at BetSided, yours truly is breaking down the latest roster moves, injuries and more in our NFL Power Rankings. It’s never too early to consider your Super Bowl futures, so without further ado, here’s my latest power rankings based on the odds at WynnBET Sportsbook to win it alli n 2022.

The Buccaneers may not be the best overall team. However, the NFC South and NFC in general is going to be a cake walk in 2022.

Josh Allen and company have to get past the Chiefs at some point. Right?

The Rams move up this week because they locked up Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald for the long term. That’s how you show you want to win.

The Chiefs may not have an easy time in the AFC West, but are we really going to bet against Patrick Mahomes? I certainly don’t plan on it.

The Packers have one of the best defenses (on paper) in the NFL, and that’s going to be important with the offense missing Davante Adams in 2022.

I really don’t think this is where the Cowboys end the season, but they have an extremely easy schedule in an easy division.

My hot take of the offseason may be that the Ravens are going to win the AFC North and Lamar Jackson is going to finish in the top three for the league’s MVP award. Hell, he might even win it.

I really love what the Chargers have done so far this offseason. They are giving Justin Herbert a chance to take a leap into the upper-echelon of NFL quarterbacks with an improved defense and by bringing back all of his weapons.

I’m excited to see the Bengals in 2022, as they went out to improve the protection around Joe Burrow. Cincy’s offensive line was really the only thing that stopped it from winning the Super Bowl. That, and Cooper Kupp.

Am I too high on the Denver Broncos? It really depends on what Russell Wilson we get in 2022. If he’s the MVP candidate from the first half of the 2020 season, Denver is going to be solid. If not, this could go south fast.

Jalen Hurts is going to need to improve a bit as a passer to keep this spot all season, but the Eagles have given him the weapons with AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith.

BetSided’s Iain McMillan is high on Matt Ryan and the Colts, and I’m starting to see the vision. The AFC South is certainly winnable for this team.

Trey Lance is either going to be really good and blow this projection out of the water, or he’s going to make fans miss Jimmy Garoppolo. I’m stuck in the middle.

With more disturbing allegations coming out against Deshaun Watson, it’s hard to even like this Browns team. I can’t imagine Watson being allowed to play all 17 games this season.

Josh McDaniels’ squad is one of the more underrated teams in the NFL because of how tough the AFC West is expected to be.

Arizona is in a tough spot, as it plays in a tough division and will be withoug its top receiver for six weeks.

i may be one of the few people that is actually sold on Jameis Winston leading this team, but the odds right now back it up.

Matt Patricia potentially calling plays for the Patriots offense is extremely concerning.

The Titans may be the team that sees the biggest drop in their playoff position from last season to the 2022 season.

I’ll believe in Tua Tagovailoa when I see it. And I need to see it in the regular season for more than just a few games.

The Vikings’ win total is set at 9.5 this season, which seems entirely too high for a team that has constantly underachieved with Kirk Cousins ​​at quarterback.

Mike Tomlin’s teams don’t ever go under .500, but I really don’t see the vision for Pittsburgh at quarterback. The Steelers are a sneaky value if you think Tomlin can work his magic.

It would be really fun if Trevor Lawrence broke out in 2022 to win the AFC South. These odds suggest that it is highly unlikely that it actually happens.

Washington is projected 7.5 wins in an easy division. Still, the Eagles and Cowboys are clearly better teams.

The Bears’ odds fell last week, and it’s not hard to see why. Justin Fields has very little help on this roster in 2022.

Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones are both looking to prove they are worth getting paid after the 2022 season. Does that spark the Giants’ offense?

The Jets aren’t winning the Super Bowl, but their win total being set at just 5.5 is certainly intriguing.

Carolina may benefit from playing the Falcons twice in 2022, but other than that things are going to be rough for Matt Rhule’s club.

Part of me thinks Seattle could surprise some people under Pete Carroll in 2022, but then I remember the Seahawks’ quarterback room consists of Geno Smith and Drew Lock.

The Lions are tied for the longest Super Bowl odds, but oddsmakers have more faith in them than the final two teams, as Detroit is projected 6.5 wins in 2022.

Oddsmakers have the Falcons’ win total for 2022 set at just 4.5. I’m just wondering when Desmond Ridder will get the not at quarterback.

The Texans and Falcons have the two lowest win totals in the NFL for 2022. Who is going to end up with the No. 1 pick?

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