Packers Have Three of PFF’s Top Cornerbacks, Which Could Mean Super Things for Defense

GREEN BAY, Wis. – It’s true: The NFL is driven by quarterbacks. That also makes this true: To win a Super Bowl, defenses need an answer against those quarterbacks.

Last year, the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl by finishing fourth in opponent passer rating. In 2020, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tied for 10th but dominated the postseason. In 2019, the Kansas City Chiefs tied for fifth. In 2018, the New England Patriots finished seventh. In 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles tied for ninth. In 2016, the Patriots finished eighth. In 2015, the Denver Broncos finished third. In 2014, the Patriots finished seventh. In 2013, the Seattle Seahawks finished first. In 2012, the Baltimore Ravens finished fifth. In 2010, the Green Bay Packers finished first.


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