QB heckled at graduation ceremony over infamous Super Bowl play

A clip has emerged of Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson receiving a good-natured ribbing during a graduation ceremony at Dartmouth College over the weekend.

Russell Wilson’s time with the Seattle Seahawks turned him into one of the premier quarterbacks around the National Football League. Whilst a lot of attention during the early days revolved around the ‘Legion of Boom’ defensive unit, Wilson was putting up his own impressive numbers on the other side of the ball.

The stats pretty much speaks for themselves, as during his ten years in Seattle during the regular season he had a pass completion percentage of 65%, threw for 37,059 yards which resulted in 292 touchdowns to just 87 interceptions and had a passer rating of 101.8.

In the past few years those numbers have been the only thing that have kept the Seahawks relatively competitive rather than falling into the territory of the 2008 Detroit Lions or the 2017 Cleveland Browns who both went winless during those seasons.

Which is part of what makes it so surprising that during his time in the NFL, he is yet to receive a vote for league MVP despite his consistently high performances for the Seahawks, although it is not as if he’ll retire without some silverware , as the Seahawks did win the Super Bowl back in 2013.

One throw from history

Famously though, or infamously depending on how you see it, he and the Seahawks could have put themselves in very elite company in 2014 as they were in position to win back-to-back titles, something that has yet to be done since the 2003 and 2004 New England Patriots.

And it was the Patriots themselves who put a stop to those hopes thanks to Malcolm Butler’s interception in the dying seconds of Super Bowl XLIX, a play that arguably shouldn’t have happened with many saying that Marshawn Lynch should have run the ball instead:

It’s a topic that is still talked about to this day, and the throw is something that people will clearly never let people forget.

Someone took their chance

As Wilson was walking back down the aisle from giving the commencement speech, a college in New Hampshire, deep in New England Patriots territory, one person in the crowd used the moment to remind Wilson of that pass:

He saw his chance and he took it, much to the annoyance of his partner next to him, but either Wilson didn’t hear him or decided to take it on the chin and ignore, which thankfully meant the incident didn’t escalate any further , but it’s just a subtle hint that Wilson is likely going to have that moment following him wherever he goes during his career, and most likely after it as well.

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