The Rams Have Given Thself Zero Excuses Not To Repeat

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Last season, the Los Angeles Rams paid a king’s ransom for the best NFL players.

They gave up multiple draft picks for players like Matthew Stafford and Von Miller.

They also signed Odell Beckham Jr. to bulk up their receiving core.

These moves helped them make the NFL playoffs and win a Super Bowl.

However, they lost Miller and Beckham to free agency in 2022.

But they replaced those players with elite talent.

So with all the pieces together in Los Angeles, they have zero excuses not to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Wagner And Robinson Are The Replacements For Miller And Beckham

When the Rams let Miller and Beckham go in free agency, some thought a Super Bowl repeat wouldn’t happen.

However, the Rams signed Bobby Wagner and Allen Robinson to replace them.

These players are just as good and are cheaper than Miller and Beckham.

This allows the Rams to still have an elite team at a value price.

So while some NFL fans complain about the Rams’ use of cap space, they aren’t seeing how they are getting value players.

These good, but cheaper players help the Rams’ chances of repeating as Super Bowl champions.

Rams Did Everything Right With Keeping Their Core Players

The Rams spent the offseason extending the contracts of Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and Cooper Kupp.

These three players are the heart of the Rams team.

First, Kupp finished 2021 with the most receptions and receiving yards in the NFL.

Next, Donald is a defensive threat to quarterbacks every season.

Finally, Stafford was the final puzzle piece for the Rams’ Super Bowl run last season.

By giving these players extended contracts, they ensure their team will be Super Bowl contenders each season.

However, these contracts might catch up to the Rams one day.

This is because the Rams are playing a dangerous game with their salary cap.

Los Angeles Has Built A House Of Cards With Their Players

By giving so many signing bonuses to their top players, it will one day catch up to them.

All it takes is one player from this group to cause the house of cards to fall.

If Stafford or Donald were to leave the Rams via a trade or retirement, the cap hit to the team would break the Rams.

This is because their signing bonuses would then evidently be counted against their salary cap.

A Stafford retirement in 2023 would cost the Rams $ 49.5 million in dead cap space.

That would account for over 20% of their projected cap space for 2023.

If Donald were to do the same in 2023, it would cost the Rams $ 44 million in dead cap space.

With Stafford’s age and rumors of Donald possibly retiring, these two players could easily collapse the Rams franchise.

However, Los Angeles is willing to risk everything on big contracts.

They don’t believe their house of cards will fall, but all it takes is one player or one losing season to destroy it all.

That is why it’s imperative for Los Angeles to repeat as Super Bowl champions this NFL season.

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