Conor McGregor offers 50K cash reward for identity of mysterious man seemingly intruding property

Conor McGregor has taken to social media to ask for help from his followers.

The Irishman posted a since-deleted video on his Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms of an unidentified man in a hoodie and trousers allegedly breaking into one of his properties. The clip is seemingly CCTV footage in black and white, dated 12th January, 2022, Wednesday. The incident took place at around 11:20 PM.

Calling the man a “deli-chicken head,” Conor McGregor asked for his identity and offered 50,000 Euros in cash in “crisp, untouched notes.” He pointed out that the walk, run and overall body language of the alleged intruder was distinctive in nature, thus implying that he should be easy to identify.

Conor McGregor wrote:

“Hey guys! I have a 50k reward cash in all 100 crisp untouched notes. Not a wrinkle on them. The no wrinkle green backs. I call them yum-yums. For whoever tells us who this little deli-chicken head is. The walk, run, and scrawny build all very distinctive. Nothing will be said, but done. Reach out to who can reach me. Look forward to doing business.”

A screenshot of McGregor's now-deleted post.Caption of McGregor's Instagram story here.McGregor's now deleted post.

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In the video, it seems like he was undertaking by passing cars on the left. However, in a since-deleted tweet, he claimed that was pulling off the highway to take the exit.

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