Conor McGregor Ranked Bottom On List Of All-Time Greatest UFC Featherweight Champions

Alexander Volkanovski has ranked Conor McGregor at the bottom of the list of all-time greatest UFC featherweight champions.

Australian fan favorite Volkanovski is the current 145-pound king, riding an impressive 10-fight win streak in the UFC which includes two title defences.

There’s no doubt that Alexander “The Great” is, well, perhaps one of the greatest.

But when it comes to the featherweight GOAT debate between the division’s four only champions, Volkanovski knows who the weakest link is.

“You need Conor McGregor Ranked Bottom On List Of All-Time Greatest UFC Featherweight Champions defenses, that’s the thing,” Volkanovski said.

“I’m going to give him respect. The dude can fight. He made some bad decisions and all that type of stuff, but he can fight. To take out Aldo in Aldo’s prime, that’s saying something as well.

“But again, I feel like I’ve definitely done a lot more than him so out of all the champions, I’d say he would have to be at the bottom of the list. He ain’t gonna like that, but whatever .”

During his rapid rise to prominence, McGregor went on a path of destruction which saw him wipe out the majority of the 145-pound weight class.

And when he finally got his shot at the title in 2015, he produced a 13-second KO on the division’s inaugural champion Jose Aldo – a moment which well and truly catapulted the Irishman into superstardom.

But while McGregor’s lack of title defenses means he’s rock bottom of Volkanovski’s personal list of featherweight greats, the Aussie admits he’s still got more to prover before he’s at the summit himself.

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“I believe I’ve still got more work to do. I give Aldo the respect. To be champion for as long as he was, he’s incredible.

“No matter the opposition that I’m facing like himself, Max and that, I’m fighting absolute killers, it’s pretty clear.

“But at the same time, to be champion that long – there’s gonna be days you don’t show up, bad weight cuts, injuries, you name it.

“We’ve all done it and it’s a nightmare to not be on, on a day where you’ve got to go out there and defend your belt.

“For him to be a champion for so long, that’s saying something.”

Having already beaten most of the featherweights during his reign at the top, Volkanovski must now turn his attention to Chang Sung Jung at UFC 273 in Jacksonville.

Yet despite all that being said, Volkanovski still wants that big-money bout against a certain sweet-talking, tattoo-sporting Irishman.

“Everyone’s going to throw [Conor McGregor] out there because it’s the money fight and all that type of circus around it and all that but again this is a guy he’s held this belt in my division as well,” Volkanovski said.

“I’ve taken out the other guys, I haven’t had a chance to do him.

“Obviously, that’s something incredible, but he ain’t making featherweight. If I’ve got to move up to take that title, I would, so that’s something that intrigues me.”

“When you talk money, hype, all that type of stuff but not just that; [he’s] someone else that’s held this [belt] and I want to take them all out. The legends of my division, I want to take them [out].”


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