Michael Bisping weighs in on ‘The Korean Zombie’s translator leaving out some post-fight comments

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping has shared his thoughts on ‘The Korean Zombie’s translator after fans questioned the authenticity of some post-fight interviews. Speaking directly about ‘Zombie’, ‘The Count’ has said he knows for a fact that some translators selectively translate information after a fight.

Bisping was asked about Chan Sung Jung’s post-fight interview on the latest episode of his podcast Believe You Me. The translator left out part of ‘Zombie’s statement where the veteran said he knows he will not fight for the title again and wonders what he’s fighting for going forward. Recalling Jung’s emotional reaction after the fight, Bisping said:

“If you remember, Zombie was on his knees, his hands and his knees and very emotionally upset.”

Michael Bisping went on to say that he can emphasize with the fighters who are often very emotional in the cage and may say something in the heat of the moment. He noted that translators might leave out some parts of the statements because of this.

“Sometimes the translators are very nervous. I’ve experienced that. Sometimes they don’t want to say certain things because their translators are their managers.”

It would be nine years and 110 UFC pay-per-views between the South Koreans’ attempts at featherweight gold. After losing to Jose Aldo at UFC 163, ‘The Korean Zombie’ completed three years of mandatory military service in his country. He would get another shot at the featherweight belt at UFC 273 against Alexander Volkanovski.

In what was another stellar showcase for ‘The Great’, Volkanovski defeated ‘Zombie’ by TKO in round four. The South Korean was visibly upset after the bout but has received immense love from fans all around the world.

Watch the episode of Believe You Me below:

What is next for ‘The Korean Zombie’?

After a second unsuccessful title challenge and an emotional post-fight interview, fans were left wondering what could be next for ‘The Korean Zombie’. A one-sided defeat highlighted the gulf in class and now ranks him No.5 in the division. The 35-year-old’s time in the cage may be close to over.

Chan Sung Jung took to his Instagram to share a statement alluding to his future and thanked Alexander Volkanovski for the opportunity.

“It’s sad or regretful, or something like that, but there’s no such thing. I feel relieved, my physical condition was perfect and all the camps were perfect, but I lost so perfectly haha. I’m sorry to those who looked forward to me, thank you to those who are worried about me, I’m okay I’m just disappointed to learn that a champion is like this I hope that Korean martial arts will be helpful to the next generation. @alexvolkanovski for showing the dignity of a champion. Thank you Alex. #ufc273” [Translated via Instagram]

While it is not explicit that he has retired, ‘The Korean Zombie’ is perhaps looking at himself in a new light after being thoroughly outclassed by the Australian champion.


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