Paulo Costa slams “fake macho” Sean Strickland for claiming the UFC refused to book them for a fight

Paulo Costa recently hit back at Sean Strickland, dismissing the California native’s claim that the UFC was unwilling to book a showdown between the two of them.

Things have been heating up between middleweight contenders Paulo Costa and Sean Strickland. The pair have been engaged in a back-and-forth on social media ever since ‘Tarzan’ gave his reasoning for the matchup not coming to fruition.

Check out Strickland’s tweet below:

@BorrachinhaMMA heres the thing man. The UFC said no. I asked multiple times….. But after your forced to move to light heavyweight I’ll catch you in Vegas and if you wanna run your mouth I’ll give it to you for free…

It did not take long for Costa to respond to Strickland’s claim. According to the former UFC middleweight title contender, ‘Tarzan’ never wanted to face him in the octagon.

The Brazilian then went on to label Strickland “just another fake macho.”

“I knew you were a fuc*king pus*y but this show of insecurity surprised even me. just another fake macho.”

Check out the tweet below:

I knew you were a fuc*king pus*y but this show of insecurity surprised even me. just another fake macho…

As it stands, Strickland is on a six-fight winning streak. He is likely to be in line for a title shot following another victory. Costa, on the other hand, has only fought once a year since 2018, and is coming off a two-fight skid in the UFC.

Brendach Schaub on Paulo Costa expressing his support for Vladimir Putin

Some professional athletes are not shying away from expressing their thoughts on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Among them is Paulo Costa.

While most people sided with Ukraine as Russia was the one who launched the war, ‘The Eraser’ shockingly lauded Vladimir Putin and said that the Russian president is “not a weak leader like [Joe] Biden or [Emmanuel] Macron”, in a since-deleted tweet.

As expected, many criticized Costa for his comments. One of the UFC personalities who took a dig at him soon after was former heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub.

According to Schaub, Costa has no idea what Russia has been doing to Ukraine. He also suggested that the Brazilian should educate himself regarding all the details before talking.

On a recent episode of The Schaub Showhe said:

“Listen, for some of these MMA guys when they talk about politics, I wish you didn’t. If you knew the horrible s***, just turn on the news, they’re killing pregnant women and innocent children. Bombing daycare centers, bombing hospitals. Paulo Costa, you don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about. You have no clue, dude. To tweet something like that you’ve got to be a god damn moron. A f***ing moron. But again, do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Co-signing Putin? Just pick up a god damn book, man.”

Watch Schaub discuss Costa’s comments below:


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