UFC News: When Joe Rogan called out UFC judge for not paying attention

Despite the recent controversies surrounding the various topics of discussion on his Spotify podcast, Joe Rogan remains one of the most widely well-regarded figures in the world of MMA commentary.

During the live broadcast of UFC 247, Joe Rogan called out one of the judges during a preliminary card bout between Lauren Murphy and Andrea Lee. Rogan pointed out that the judge in question was not paying attention to the fight going on inside the octagon.

UFC fighter Dominick Cruz, who served as a desk analyst for the event, chipped in as well.

Joe Rogan said:

“Looking at the judge… he’s not even watching the fight. This is insane… This is crazy, he’s still not watching the fight.”

Dominick Cruz added:

“The judges don’t even watch. They’re looking down at the floor. This is insane. It’s gonna be tough for the fighters tonight to figure out how to win a decision.”

You can watch a video clip of the moment here.

The judges scored the fight in Lauren Murphy’s favor by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28). As per MMA Decisions, the majority of the media scores for the fight were in Andrea Lee’s favor.

UFC 247: Lauren Murphy vs.  Andrea Lee media scores

.@DomReyes was a little confused over the judges’ scorecards following his loss to Jon Jones at #UFC247:”One of the judges had it 49-46. Who are you? I might want to have a word with you.”Watch full video: youtu.be/qbaHvHB5QyA https://t.co/zk62nitTY7

Rogan and Cruz went off on “incompetent judging” after the Jones vs. Reyes decision was announced.

When Joe Rogan called for a fight to be stopped

Joe Rogan has seen his fair share of injuries during his long and eventful tenure with the promotion. With horrific leg breaks nearly a trend now, Rogan becoming talked about the first one he witnessed on his podcast.

Talking to comedian Andrew Schulz in JRE episode #1695, Rogan revealed how he spotted Corey Hill breaking his leg while trying to land a kick on Dale Hartt at UFC: Fight for the Troops 1 in December 2008.

Watch the leg break in the video below, where you can overhear Joe Rogan and other commentators shouting to stop the fight.

[The video is age-restricted, so click the ‘Watch on YouTube link’ to see the gruesome injury]

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