UFC World Along With Belal Muhammad Stands Up for Prominent MMA Journalist Helen Yee After Failed Shaming Attempt

Social media can be a nasty place. As good a medium it is to communicate the news around quickly, some use it for the wrong reason. Chiefly in the MMA/UFC space, certain MMA Twitter members are notorious to bring people down.


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From fighters to officials to media members, nobody is safe from these random trolls on the Internet. Recently, prominent MMA journalist, Helen Yee shared one such incident.


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Helen Yee posted a tweet that takes unnecessary digs at the reporter, hence she asked, “Why is it that whenever people try to pursue something out of the ordinary, they get sh** on?”

The Schmozone podcast co-host added, “I think it’s comical to get hate on by just trying to purse a childhood dream.”

“The internet is a funny place. Anyway, hope you all are having a great day,” concluded Helen Yee Sports representative.


Prominent Sports Reporter Helen Yee Looking to Pursue Her Childhood Dream – Asks Fans For Support

2 months ago

Though the Twitter user tried to mock the reporter, she still didn’t reveal their identity.

MMA/UFC community reacts to online abuse

Many members of the MMA community reacted to the post and had nothing but encouraging messages for the rising reporter.

The UFC welterweight contender, Belal Muhammad, posted, “Pathetic people say pathetic things.”

Also, fellow MMA journalist James Lynch suggested, “Ignore them. Like I said @WillHarrisAOAF a few months ago, that’s like a garbage man giving medical advice to a doctor. People like this act this way because they aren’t dealing with their own issues and are trying to bring you to their level.”

An excellent MMA content creator, Will Harris, said, “All facts, ignore them @HelenYeeSports . Anyone trying to do something good in their life will always be trolled by people who don’t have the balls to pursue their own passions and dreams.”

Another media member, Amy Kaplan, wrote, “Wow what ac**t.”

Alex Behunin said, “Jealousy at its finest, What a loser.”

Also, a UFC vet, Jake Shields, said, “You should have seen all the doubters when I told people I was gonna be a pro fighter.”

MMA fans were not behind to show their support

Not all fans share the same sentiment of putting down people. Thus, many fans backed the promising reporter.


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What do you make of Helen Yee’s move to bring light to the online abusers? Let us know in the comments section.

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