Trivia Quest Episode 7 Standard & Hard Mode Answers

Netflix’s new Trivia Quest releases a new interactive trivia episode daily. These are all of the standard and hard mode answers for episode seven.

Trivia Quest, a new interactive show on Netflix, is a family-friendly game that features a variety of new questions based on the episode’s theme. While the themes vary, the questions will always tie back into something regarding history, sports, entertainment, art, geography, and science. Unlike the other interactive kids shows that Netflix has, these questions can prove to be challenging for anyone who isn’t updated on pop culture and history, but there is still great trivia knowledge to learn nonetheless. By answering the questions correctly, players can continuously work every episode to help Willy.


The Trivia Quest protagonist and host is a colorfully cartoonish character based on a trivia wheel. Unfortunately for Willy, his friends of him have been captured by none other than the “evil bad guy” Rocky. In order to save Willy’s friends, players must answer enough questions correctly to earn more coins. When enough coins are earned, a knowledge key can be crafted to unlock a cage containing one of Rocky’s captive characters. Bonus coins will also be earned for completing the episode, as well as answering the hard mode questions in the new Netflix interactive trivia game.

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Every episode of Trivia Quest features 12 new questions for standard mode and 12 new questions for hard mode. These questions are different from the previous episodes and stick strictly to the theme of the current episode. A new nine-minute episode of Trivia Quest is released daily throughout April 2022, providing a total of 30 episodes by the end of the first season. Additionally, whenever an episode has been completed, players can repeat either set of questions to earn coins for questions they previously got wrong, or move on to a different episode altogether. There are plenty of opportunities to save Willy’s friends in Trivia Quest, but for each character saved, more coins will be needed to open the next one’s cage.

Every Trivia Quest Episode 7 Standard Mode Answer

Trivia Quest Logo Standard

Answers to the standard mode Trivia Quest episode seven questions can be found below.

  • On 12/31/1923, what city heard Big Ben’s chimes on the radio for the first time? – London
  • Illinois’ tallest building, Willis Tower, hosts an annual climb called “SkyRise” what? – Chicago
  • What skyscraper has an exhibit featuring King Kong’s giant hands? – Empire State Building
  • To encourage safe travel, what US landmark is outfitted with foghorns? – Golden Gate Bridge
  • President View Resort is a hotel that neighbors what US attraction? – Mount Rushmore
  • Erected roughly 5000 years ago, which of these is an example of megalithic art? – Stonehenge
  • The Gettysburg Address is engraved at which of these US monuments? – Lincoln Memorial
  • At the 2016 Olympics, athletes saw what landmark in Rio de Janeiro? – Christ the Redeemer
  • Who scales the Burj Khalifa himself in “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol“? – Tom Cruise
  • According to its website, what monument is “more than five meters off perpendicular”? – Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Referred to locally as Chomolungma, Mount Everest borders which of these locales? – Tibet
  • In a 2018 music video, Jay-Z and Beyonce can be seen in what city’s Louvre Museum? – Paris

Every Trivia Quest Episode 7 Hard Mode Answer

Trivia Quest Logo Hard Mode

These are the answers to the Trivia Quest episode seven hard mode questions.

  • One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World the, Pharos of Alexandria was a what? – Lighthouse
  • A winter sport is performed on a world wonder in the 2009 documentary “Skiing” what? – Everest
  • In 1995, what landmark’s top was painted to resemble the wheel on “Wheel of Fortune” – Seattle Space Needle
  • Which of these natural wonders is an example of a cataract? – Niagra Falls
  • The main building of Angkor Wat is depicted on the flag of what country? – Cambodia
  • An eatery on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower is named after what author? – Jules Verne
  • In 1906, what became the first national monument in the US? – Devils Tower
  • 168 meters long, the Chichén Itza Ball Court is part of a landmark in what country? – Mexico
  • Once carried up the Great Wall of China by bodyguards, who was banned in China? – Justin Bieber
  • A US historic landmark, Albert Einstein House is a short walk from what school? – Princeton
  • What world landmark is located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park? – Ayers Rock
  • An art-filled ancient wonder was “The Temple of” what? – Artemis

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Trivia Quest is available now with a Netflix subscription.

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